Economic Conditions Outlook



Each month, we provide a varied list of economic indicators with subsequent insight into how the data and information may impact the region. A major component of this work will be our monthly survey of businesses in the manufacturing, retail, and service sectors, which we will leverage to gauge current economic conditions and gain insights into the economic outlook for the next six months. We will also include traditional labor market, housing, sales tax, and airport information as well as impromptu information as it becomes available. We hope that ECO – financed by First Horizon Bank will help our regional business community make more-informed decisions as they run their businesses.

Note: We are still growing the number of participating companies so response totals in some areas may be small.

Notice: This survey is copyrighted by its owner, and permission to use such copyrighted materials must be obtained from the owner and cannot be obtained from the Knoxville Chamber. Reproduction or distribution of this survey, in whole or in part, is expressly prohibited without the written permission of the content owner.

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