Driving Regional Economic Prosperity

The investment and expertise of local business and community leaders fund initiatives that fuel growth for existing industry and prepares the region for future employment opportunities, helping the Chamber achieve its mission of driving regional economic prosperity.

Fuel Economic Growth

Path to Prosperity

Knoxville Chamber investors fund Path to Prosperity, the organization’s five-year strategic plan to fuel economic growth.

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Investor Benefits

Explore direct service offerings and bottom-line savings available to investors.

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Investor Directory

Browse a list of Chamber investors and connect with potential business partners.

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Investor Directory

Download a PDF of the investor directory or browse a list of premier partners and economic investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses who contribute funds to the Chamber are investors in its mission of driving regional economic prosperity. Different than a transactional “membership dues for services rendered” relationship, the team relies on the expertise and engagement of investing organizations to guide its efforts in fulfilling that mission for the entire business community.

Explore Path to Prosperity and learn how your investment is driving regional economic prosperity; visit our events calendar and register to attend a New Investor Orientation; add content to your business directory profile by emailing your company logo, 50-word company description and 15-word short description to investorrelations@knoxvillechamber.com and connect with the Knoxville Chamber on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Sign up to receive The Loop by submitting your email address at bottom of this page; read our newsletter, Commerce, published monthly in knox.biz; attend a chamber event and follow the chamber on your favorite social platform.

Visit our events page and find a complete list of upcoming events with a direct link to register.

The Knoxville Chamber executes events each year that align with its business plan priorities, propel the mission of driving regional economic prosperity and connect area business leaders. Annual and event-specific sponsorships are available.

Our in-house research specialists can pull detailed reports at low- or no-cost, including census counts, consumer spending information and wage data. We’ve also partnered with USADatato offer a service called Consumer iD, which can provide our investors with targeted consumer mailing lists at a fraction of the cost of non-affiliated data solutions.

Both Office Depot and A&W Office Supply offer discounts to chamber investors. Visit our investor dividends page to learn which solution is right for your business savings.

The Knoxville Chamber exists to serve the regional business community and drive economic prosperity. The contributions of our investors help achieve that mission, and our team relies on input from those investors to guide their efforts. However, investment is not required for your business to receive support from the organization.

Drive Regional Economic Prosperity

Research the benefits of investing in building a robust, sustainable economic ecosystem.

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