The Knoxville Chamber has released Capital Access Redefined, a strategy designed to fill the gaps in the financing continuum of new sources of capital. The white paper also details the need to address skills and support deficits among business builders and investors, which requires both education and preparation.

The Knoxville region seeks a continuum of funding sources to support both its entrepreneurial and small business sectors. This report lays out the key factors in a strategy focused on improving access to capital for all the region’s business builders as part of a phased, long-term strategic process to restore the cycle of investment in the region’s entrepreneurs.

This Capital Access Redefined strategy is one of the six Path to Prosperity priorities.

Opportunities on the Horizon

There are Opportunities on the Horizon – opportunities for investors to diversify and increase their portfolios while expanding our entrepreneurial ecosystem. Knoxville is experiencing unprecedented growth in deep tech and other startups. We need to create a capital continuum to keep them here. The three-part panel discussion series on Angel Investing is designed for accredited investors who would like to learn what it is and how to do it from local and regional industry experts, angel investors, and entrepreneurs.

Phase 1: Research

  • Interviews with regional community stakeholders
  • Surveys conducted with community groups and target respondents
  • Recommended peer communities and best-in-class programs

Phase 2: Create Outline

  • Working sessions with Chamber
  • Compile priorities from interviews, conversations, and surveys
  • Collaborate with Chamber leadership to determine priorities and tactics under each priority

Phase 3: Report

Complete regional access to capital strategy, to include:

  • Recommendations for broad, inclusive regional action over time
  • Emphasis on diverse, equitable, and inclusive priorities
  • Direction for beneficial regional partnerships


The strategy’s recommendations are below:

  • Increase opportunities for businesses seeking less than $50,000 in capital
  • Expand and strengthen entrepreneurship and small business education, training, and services
  • Expand the availability of angel, private equity, and venture capital funding
  • Drive greater awareness of the region’s entrepreneurial entities with internal and external capital providers
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Talent Retention & Attraction

Similar to Workforce Redefined and Talent Redefined, the regional workforce development strategies, each recommendation includes a set of supporting components. The Chamber will work with its community partners to create and implement tactics in support of the recommendations.

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