About the Chamber

About the Chamber

With more than 2,200 investor businesses, the Knoxville Chamber serves as the collective, influential voice for the regional business community. We work to ensure East Tennessee is the premier location for businesses to locate, operate and expand by working toward our mission of Driving Regional Economic Prosperity.

We Innovate. We Launch. We Grow. We Lead.

Looking Back

In the 1850s, Knoxville’s business community enjoyed a newfound ability to deliver wholesale products to market thanks to railway expansion following the Civil War. This transportation connection put Knoxville’s business community on the map and led to a boom in the manufacturing and wholesaling industries.

The extensive business growth led to the creation of the Board of Trade in 1869, which later became the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce. The organization worked to encourage industrial plants to locate in or around the city, foster educational initiatives, and encourage city improvements to increase the desirability of Knoxville as a place of residence and commercial enterprise.

Today, the Knoxville Chamber is nationally recognized as a five-star accredited Chamber and represents more than 2,200 investor businesses.