Business Recruitment & Expansion

Business Recruitment & Expansion

The Chamber’s economic development efforts have helped to create many new jobs as well as generating revenue.

Through its management of the Innovation Valley partnership, the Knoxville Chamber offers free, confidential business location information and assistance – facilitating the process from initial search to opening day.

Target Sectors

The economic development team actively recruits new businesses across all industries with specific emphasis on five target sectors:

Advanced Technology & Manufacturing

Home to leading research in advanced materials and a strong existing manufacturing base, Innovation Valley focuses on automotive suppliers, carbon fiber and composites, medical equipment and specialty foods.

Corporate Services

Corporate service companies are locating in Innovation Valley thanks to a skilled professional workforce and excellent quality of life. Over 70 companies’ headquarter their operations and more than 25 companies manage their back-office processes in the region.


A hub for leading research institutions, Innovation Valley is an ideal location for companies focused on energy storage systems and advanced batteries, nuclear components manufacturing, smart grid technologies, and renewable energy.

Creative Media

Innovation Valley boasts prominent media companies, such as Scripps Networks, RIVR Media and Jewelry Television, employing East Tennesseans in a variety of production and programming roles.


Located at the intersection of three major interstates, main rail lines, and within a day’s drive of 60 percent of the U.S. population, Innovation Valley is a prime location for transportation-related companies.

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