Office Depot Discount Program

Office Depot Discount Program

Let your investment save you money through the national Office Depot and Office Max discount program. In partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, we leverage the buying power of more than 50,000 chamber of commerce investors nationwide to bring discounts like these to your doorstep:

  • 55 percent savings on the 350 most-purchased items, including ink and toner
  • Free next-day delivery on orders over $50, in store or online
  • 2.5-cent black-and-white copies
  • 22-cent color copies
  • 40 percent off finishing services

Open a business account today to take advantage of these savings and the best available pricing on everything from paper clips to cleaning products!

Chamber investors may open an account by visiting the online portal or contacting Investor Relations via phone at (865) 246-2635.

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Reduce your overhead with a Knoxville Chamber investment and Office Depot/Office Max Business Account.

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