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Virginia College to Launch Electrical Technician Program
Elizabeth Stone
Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Virginia College in Knoxville is pleased to announce its new Electrical Technician diploma program set to launch Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017 at the campus located at 5003 N. Broadway St. With limited class sizes and experienced instructors, students will receive personal attention and a keen understanding of the tools needed to succeed in this career. Labs simulate safe, real-world work environments that provide practical training and information about state and local building codes and regulations, creating a unique and invaluable program for interested students.


“The goal of this new Electrical Technician diploma is to ensure that our students are ready to enter the field, whether it’s at a school, factory or as a self-employed Electrical Technician for residential homes,” says Campus President Sergio Takahashi. “Our instructors bring a variety of work experience to the classroom, and their backgrounds will help our students gain industry information and tips that take other electricians years to learn on their own.”


The Electrical Technician diploma program can be completed in as little as 36 weeks. The program equips students to work with electrical systems, including power, communications, lighting and control systems in environments such as hospitals, retail businesses, commercial buildings and more. Graduates of the program are able to operate power tools, use measuring and diagnostic devices, read voltage meters, read blueprints, solder wires, work on elevators, install electrical systems, repair faulty wires, troubleshoot to determine problems and assist electricians with residential and commercial electrical services as well as with installation, servicing and troubleshooting of electrical equipment and supply. The instructors also help students find an externship to equip them with real-world experience prior to graduation. 

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