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There is no better sales force than our actively engaged members. Regardless of your business's size or maturity, you are probably able to relate to one of these members and what they view as the biggest benefits of Chamber membership.

Photography by Justin Fee.

“As the CEO of an award-winning organization with a robust foundation in Knoxville, I am proud to be a member of another award-winning organization like the Knoxville Chamber. The Chamber is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in and committed to doing business in the greater Knoxville region. They create a network of invaluable connections to help businesses succeed, extend an exuberant welcome to companies coming to the area, and constantly advocate for East Tennessee businesses.”

Management Solutions

“Being a member of the Knoxville Chamber has been enjoyable and rewarding, especially to Humana. It has helped me to network with people and companies to become more active in our ever growing city.  I am honored to be an Ambassador of the Chamber. The opportunity to serve and to help impact the growth and success in the Knoxville region is an excellent value as a Chamber member.”


“Our organization relies on a strong regional economy and high employment rate for sustained success.  The Knoxville Chamber is the best investment we make in support of these important efforts in our community”

Summit Medical

“As a small business owner, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a Chamber member.  The Mentor/Protégé program has helped me grow my business and the Chamber has helped me meet so many individuals who I can help as well.  It is a great feeling both spiritually and emotionally when you can help others grow their business.  The Knoxville Chamber is truly an asset to the Knoxville Business Community.”  

Always Moore Janitorial Services

“As a veteran-owned small business and participant in the Propel Mentor/Protégé Program, my company has benefited greatly from the Knoxville Chamber.  We spent two years as a Protégé, and now we are giving back to the program as a mentor. This program has been a big part of our business growth.”

Accord Federal Services

“The Knoxville Chamber has helped my business stay strong in downtown Knoxville for a quarter-century. Through innovative resources like iKnowKnoxville.com, the online business directory, my membership does more than just help me network in the business community. I know I am getting a return on my investment through my Chamber membership.”

Pete’s Coffee Shop

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