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Prime Medical Training Offers Active Shooter Training For the Workplace
Andrew Randazzo
Thursday, March 30, 2017

Knoxville, TN: Prime Medical Training has created a new course designed for the workplace. Active Shooter Training has become important more than ever. With the increased amount of active shooter incidents, individuals need to know how to respond and increase their chance of survival.

Chris Dixon is the Trauma Program Coordinator at Prime Medical Training who has developed this course. He is a former special forces medic with extensive experience in real active shooter both in the military and civilian world. He brings his experience into the classroom.

“The training is simple, practical, and hands on.”, said founder, Andrew Randazzo. “We can’t predict the when, why, where or who for these incidents, so it’s up to us to be prepared for when they do happen.”

•             The Active Shooter Training takes about an hour and a half.

•             Participants will learn the dos and don’ts when you hear gun fire, how to increase your chance of surviving if you become a hostage, and how to stop major bleeding from gun shot wounds and stabbings (includes hands-on practice).

•             More information about the this course can be found at https://primemedicaltraining.com/classes/actives-shooter-training/


About: Prime Medical Training is the leader in continuing medical education.

We train individuals and organizations in CPR, ACLS, tactical medicine, wilderness medicine, and more. We strive to set the standard, instill a love for learning, and help people take pride in their profession.



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