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Chamber Member MD

As a small business owner your journey to success is riddled with dead-ends, wrong turns, and detours. Everywhere you turn there seems to be a new obstacle to overcome. What if there was a tool available that could point out potential barriers before you run into them? What if there was a GPS that could help identify the road to a healthy business? Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to use it?

The Knoxville Chamber created Chamber Member MD with the small business owner in mind. It is designed to help you navigate your way to a healthy business by identifying potential hazards that might be in your way, and then offering recommendations, via Chamber Member Rx, on how to avoid the pitfalls…..or help you “recalculate” if you are already detoured.

Chamber Member MD is available to any small business owner, free of charge, whether you are a Chamber member or not. Of course we are sure you will find this tool and its recommendations so valuable, you will want to join the Chamber to see what other ways we can help your business grow. 


Start Here
Taking Chamber Member MD is easy. You can do it any time of day from any computer or iPad. You can take the entire assessment at one time or break it up and take it a section at a time. Plan to spend about 30 minutes to take all four sections.

Section I – Finance & Operations (24 questions)
This section of the assessment focuses on the foundation of your business asking questions about your business plan, financial processes, employment practices, and liability coverage.

Section II – Marketing & Relationships (15 questions)
How do you create awareness about the product or service your business offers? This section asks you questions about how you market your business and build/maintain relationships with vendors, customers, and the community.

Section III – Technology (10 questions)
In today’s business world having the right technology in place can make or break a young small business. This section asks some basic questions about the technology systems you have in place.

Section IV – Personally & Professionally Prepared (13 questions)
You hear it all the time, good people are the key ingredient for having a good company. This section focuses on a series of questions about your recruiting and development of employees, and yourself as a leader. 

Upon completing all four sections of Chamber Member MD, you will be well on your way down the road to owning a healthy business, but your journey is not over. At the conclusion of each section is the Chamber Member Rx report, which gives you suggested resources and information about avoiding some of the obstacles you might be headed toward. Simply click on the “Prescription” button to the right of the question and see ways you can improve the "health" of your business. Design a plan of action and tackle each item strategically.

Click here to take Chamber Member MD!

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