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Below you will find links to documents with valuable information about workforce development and public education reform.



Common Core State Standards (2012)

Common Core State Standards are a set of standards that were developed by state leaders to ensure that every student graduates high school prepared for college or the workforce, regardless of the state in which they live.
Common Core 101 Document explaining Tennessee's new education standards, including why we need Common Core, dispelling myths, and how you can help spread the word for supporting more rigorous standards in Tennessee.  

Common Core Standards -
Mathematics outline and summary

Common Core Standards - 
English and Language Arts outline and summary

These documents provide a more detailed, but simplified explanation of the Common Core standards for mathematics and English/language arts. We have provided both an outline and a summary for each subject. 
National Assessment of Educational Progress (2013) Mathematics and Reading report Report released by the National Center of Education Statistics stating academic progress for 4th and 8th graders in mathematics and reading. Tennessee achieved the highest statewide growth in all subject areas!

2022 Workforce Snapshot

In brief, jobs per skill level and percentage of workforce by skill/job level with explanation of skill levels.  

Executive Summary of "Tough Choices Tough Times: The Report of the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce"

A report that identifies and articulated the challenges we face global competition.  It gives specific and highly innovative suggestions for reversing the education deficit.

ROI on Gen Y White paper by Amy Lynch

This paper explores the possibilities of mutually profitable employer-employee investment, in all the emerging forms such investment takes in the here and now. Each time a Boomer, a Mature or an Xer sits with a Millennial and asks, “What’s the most effective way to do this job, not yesterday but today and tomorrow, he or she creates profitability and value, forging the workforce and the companies of the future."

Education Nation article

Discusses the perceptions and displaces some of the data surrounding student performance in the US compared with students from what is perceived to be the more advanced countries in math and engineering.

Jobs by Occupation Report

Information on skills needed for jobs and number of jobs available by occupation projected to 2017.

Reports from the Workforce + Education Summit:
Final Summit Report
Appendix 1: Summit Notes
Appendix 2: What to Do For Schools List
Appendix 3: Summit Evaluations

Report on the information gathered at the Workforce + Education Summit, held on March 24, 2008.

Education Crossroads Publication

6,038,803 Reasons to Care: A Report on Education, by Matt Murray.

"Building the Next Workforce" -- Results from the 2007 Tennessee Community Forums

The purpose of this report is to provide a general overview of the Tennessee community forum outcomes, outline the regional results, and discuss how these findings can be used as a launching point for next steps in Tennessee.

"Effective Schools, Common Practices - Twelve Ingredients of Success from Tennessee's Most Effective Schools" Report (from Education Consumers Foundation)

A report from Education Consumers Foundation of information gathered during visits to six schools that won the Foundation's Value-Added achievement Award for two years in a row.  This information points directly to what made those schools so successful.

"From Clusters of Industry to Clusters of Knowledge and Competency" Briefing Paper (from New Economy Strategies)

A briefing paper from New Economy Strategies that describes and explains the shift of focus to understanding clusters of knowledge and competency which will enable civic and political leadership to position programs and initiatives as well as resource allocations and performance measures to form the region's truly unique competitive advantages.

Knox County Schools 2012 ACT Profile Report Document containing Knox County Schools 2012 ACT data, broken down by high school, including percentage of students reaching each and all four of the subject area benchmarks. 
Knox County Schools 2013 TCAP and
End of Course exams overviewresults, and trends.
These documents contain the 2013 TCAP results in both grade and subject for grades 3-8, end of course exams, as well as the results trends since 2008. 
TACE, the Tennessee Association of Colleges and Employers Internship and workforce development resource that provides numerous professional development opportunities, including networking with the career center and HR/recruiters in Tennessee, as well as the chance for employers to discuss their needs with educational institutions and learn more about attracting top graduates to their company or organization. 


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