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Forbes: Knoxville Among "Best Places to Retire"
Anthony Welsch
Monday, June 25, 2012

Armed with a consistently strong local economy, low cost of living, and an assortment of high quality medical facilities, Forbes Magazine says Knoxville is among the best communities in the nation to retire.

The magazine's annual rankings came out this month and found many of things the Knoxville Chamber and the community as a whole pride itself on are the same factors leading more retirees to eye the Innovation Valley for their golden years.

"There is some crossover between what we hear expanding businesses want and what retirees are looking for," Doug Lawyer, the Chamber's vice president of economic development said. "Even through the recession our local economy was somewhat insulated when compared to the rest of the country. That keeps factors like unemployment and tax rates fairly steady."

Forbes' ranking found Knoxville's average home price of $137,000 to be among the nation's most affordable. The home of the University of Tennessee was joined on the list by several other college-towns, like Austin, Texas, Bloomington, Indiana, and Columbia, South Carolina.

Forbes magazine says they reviewed hundreds of cities in all fifty states for financial factors. The ranking also takes considerations like weather, doctor availability, and crime rates into consideration. To add factors that help contribute to an active retirement, Forbes consulted with Bicycling Magazine and volunteeringinamerica.org.

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