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Expect More, Achieve More

Expect More, Achieve More

This is a statewide alliance of business, community, and education organizations in Tennessee that supports high academic standards in public education. The Coalition’s goal is to build statewide and local engagement, support, and awareness of Tennessee’s efforts to raise the bar in the classroom so that every student graduates high school prepared for college and the workforce. The Coalition believes that when we expect more, students achieve more.

Why is this work important?

  • Recent ACT data show that only 25% of high school students across the nation who take the exam are college-ready in all subject areas.
  • In Tennessee, only 16% of students meet college readiness benchmarks in English, math, reading, and science.
  • While 87% of Tennessee’s high school graduates say they want to attain at least a two-year degree, far too few are graduating with the skills they need to thrive after high school.
  • This is a challenge because seven of the ten fastest growing jobs in Tennessee require some form of post-secondary education.

What is being done to better prepare students?

Recognizing the need for more highly skilled graduates, Tennessee is continuing to raise the bar in the classroom. Our state has adopted a set of learning standards in English and math to better prepare students for the future. These standards, called the Common Core State Standards, orient instruction around critical thinking and problem solving, requiring students to demonstrate a deep understanding of concepts and then apply them to new situations. These standards are based on evidence and research about what it takes to be prepared for first-year college courses and entry level jobs leading to careers. The transition to the Common Core will also include new assessments that will test what students have learned under the new standards. These assessments will replace the current TCAP tests.

What are the Coalition’s goals?

Supportive and informed parents, teachers, and communities are critical to the successful implementation of these standards and to all of Tennessee’s education reform efforts. Raising the bar and expecting more is hard work, particularly for students and teachers. New standards will mean new ways of teaching and learning in classrooms, and ultimately harder tests. To stay the course with higher standards and expectations, business, community, and education organizations need to speak with one voice…because when we expect more, our children achieve more.

Click here to learn more about Tennessee’s work to raise standards and better prepare students for the future, or to sign-up to join the Expect More, Achieve More coalition.

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