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Knoxville Chamber

EMIS Project

Education Management Information System (EMIS) Project

In November 2007, the Knox County Board of Education established four interrelated and dependent student achievement goals – 100% of entering high school freshmen will be completers, 90% of completers will graduate with a regular diploma, 90% of regular diploma graduates will take the ACT, and 90% of ACT takers will score a composite 21 or higher. Taken together, the goals translate into 73% of all students who enter Knox County high schools graduating with a regular diploma and scoring a composite 21 or higher on the ACT. From the latest available data, the current success rate is 38%.

The Chamber is committed to helping the Knox County Schools (KCS) meet the 100/90/90/90 goals set by the school board.  School system management concedes that it cannot close this gap until it has better information by which to manage. Everyone agrees that the raw data exists:  the task is to locate it, and then transform it into useable management information.

The Chamber solicited private sector resources for an eighteen month long project to design, develop, and implement systems for getting relevant, timely information into the hands of administrators and school principals. The Chamber worked with the school system to put in place:

  • A system to manage the cost to operate each Knox County school,
  • A better way to pull together data from the many electronic and manual databases that the school system maintains,
  • Methods for measuring how well the system,  its students, and each of its schools is progressing toward the board’s goals, and
  • Other data reporting routines to provide management the information it needs to support decision making.

At the end of 2010 the Education Management Information System (EMIS) was launched and available for all teachers and administrators to use. KCS staff is still undergoing training and coordinates the ongoing management and maintenance of the system. Standard reports have been and continue to be designed and pushed out to users. Desktop dashboard tools are customized and available for use at various levels. For more information on the system and its implementation, contact Gail Byard with the Knox County Schools.


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