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Company Rebranding Reflects Innovation, Growth
Aries Clean Energy
Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We are launching the new name Aries Clean Energy to introduce an expanding future for an experienced gasification company that has already installed multiple commercial energy projects.

“The old name, PHG Energy, worked well for us when we basically offered industrial fuel gas conversion equipment,” said CEO Greg Bafalis. “By design, we have evolved into a clean energy and sustainable waste disposal company.”

“Aries Clean Energy is a brand that much better represents what we do today, as well as our product line and focus going forward,” he added. “And we are quickly taking on a greater innovation role in the clean-tech energy segment.”

The company holds 8 patents in the biomass and biosolids gasification field, and has deployed those for both industry and city governments.   Aries Clean Energy’s most recent installation was commissioned in late 2016 and cleanly converts a mixture of commercial wood waste, municipal biosolids and scrap tires to electricity. The company deployed the world’s largest downdraft gasification unit in that project.

“Our downdraft and fluidized bed gasification projects have proven themselves viable with over 50,000 hours of commercial production,” Bafalis said. “Putting these clean and sustainable energy innovations to work in more locations, and bringing some of our latest research and development efforts to the marketplace this year, are going to be exciting for our company. We believe the name Aries Clean Energy and the new pulsar icon logo clearly say energy, innovation and commitment to sustainability.”

In addition, the company operates a solar design and installation division focusing on commercial and community scale projects. Formerly ARiES Energy, that group also is renamed now as a part of the Aries Clean Energy brand.

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