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Chris Blue Returns Home with Bandit Lites
Sharon Gross
Monday, October 9, 2017
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE – Even after being crowned the winner of NBC’s
Emmy-winning smash show The Voice, Chris Blue is the same humble, thankful
person from Knoxville, Tennessee, and to show his appreciation to the city
that raised him, Blue performed at the historic Tennessee Theatre, where
tickets sold out in five minutes, and two additional shows had to be added,
only to have all three shows sell out in minutes. Bandit Lites, whose world
headquarters is based in Knoxville, was tapped to provide the lighting
package for the special event. Bandit Chair Michael Strickland was invited on
board as part of the Chris Blue family by longtime friend Hallerin Hilton
Hill, who serves as Chris’s manager. Producer and musical guru Travis
Wyrick is also part of the Blue Machine, and together with Chris himself, the
team worked for months to design, produce and deliver the grand event.
Blue’s journey to stardom is one that seems preordained, as he was the last
contestant to audition on the show. With only one spot remaining on the four
judges’ teams, his performance of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Tracks of
my Tears moved R&B sensation Alicia Keys, who now mentors the Voice Champion
and has proved to be an integral part of Chris’s path since the day they
met on The Voice.
Blue, Hill, Wyrick, Strickland and Musical Director Jason Foster met several
times to conceive and design the show in a fashion that met the vision Chris
himself held: Light and Glue. Chris wants to illuminate the world and bring
together all the people on Earth in a welcoming, positive fashion. From the
start, Chris knew his goal, and the team worked tirelessly to achieve the
After a series of meetings and band rehearsals, the show first came together
in Nashville at Bandit Lites rehearsal studio, Venue One. There, the
musicians spent two solid days and became a single unit with Chris. At the
same time, lighting designer Steve Hoover was hard at work in the pre-viz
studio, getting input from Chris. The pre-viz was preceded by 10 days of
programming by Steve alone. Steve is a veteran lighting designer whose
current clients include Jimmy Buffett, Olivia Newton John and Lee Ann Rimes.
The show then moved to the Tennessee Theater for multiple days of dress
rehearsal where Chris, his band, his brothers, The Blue Brother and a full
choir several dancers all gelled into a single, spectacular event.
The audio partner for Chris is Spectrum Sound, and the video provider is Moo
TV. This team helped deliver a world class production that was reminiscent of
the Voice performances that made Chris famous.
Wright Entertainment Group, led by Johnny Wright, is on board as part of
management. Nando from WEG was involved in every step of the event providing
guidance and advice.
The truly world class team worked together to deliver an event second to
none; from the first smoldering note to the final chorus on night three,
Chris and team kept the audience on their feet nonstop and drained everyone
of emotion. The high point every night was the unbelievable Take Me to The
King and just as Chris had brought the house down on The Voice with this
tune, so he did at all three shows.
The rig was a span of fingers raking downstage to upstage, with a front and
rear truss as well.
Bandit provided Martin MAC 2K washes along with Martin MAC Auras for
positional key light. VL 2500 Spots projected gobos for depth and effect
while Phillip Showline Nitro 510cs were used on downstage truss as colored
strobes and audience blinders. Midstage finger truss featured more MAC 2K
Washes, VL 2500 beams and gobos, with Elation SIXPAR 100s as truss warmers.
The main visual focal point was upstage, where three circle truss pieces,
with a 15-foot circle in the center and a 10-foot circle on either side
provided a dynamic backdrop complete with 78 Chauvet VIP PVP X6IP 6.0 mm LED
Video Wall Panels. Each circle truss was outfitted with Elation CuePix WW2
blinders and GLP Impressions X4S for color, beams and movement.
“Steve Hoover was an absolute magician over the three days of the event,
and he spun his visual web over the event that was truly stunning,” said
Strickland. “Chris is now onto planning for a busy and successful 2018. Be
sure to look for Chris Blue on TV and in a town near you. It is an event I
promise you will never forget!”
About Bandit Lites, Inc.
Bandit Lites is a global leader in the entertainment lighting marketplace.
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staff of highly trained professionals to deal with all types of lighting
needs. Bandit’s global presence will insure seamless transitions no matter
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