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Brand New Traveling Tech Support Company in Knoxville!
Victory Harbin
Monday, August 21, 2017

Taking the Hassle out of Tech Support

                Charlie Harbin found himself sitting in an accounting class while pursuing his MBA when he decided that starting his own business was something he wanted to do.  After spending years in the workforce, Harbin had decided to go back to business school in hopes of furthering his career.  He had found that even with his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and years of experience, he was being faced by the hardships many other twenty-somethings are finding in the workforce.  He wasn’t being challenged in his IT position and certainly wasn’t employed at a level which he felt he was reaching his potential.  Rather than focusing on these hardships, Harbin decided to take the ultimate step forward—to chase his dreams in the face of these trials.

                That night, Harbin came home from class and wrote out the first draft of his business plan.  He knew that people needed his skills because he heard the complaints of customers every day, “I wish someone could just come to my house and fix this for me” rather than having to deal with phone support or worse taking their computers apart, hauling them into a big box store and waiting in line only to be charged huge fees for simple fixes.  “I decided to combine my professional skills, my small town values, and my interest in helping people navigate all of the high-tech stuff and that’s how Tech Nav was born.  My wife and I were discussing the purpose of the business and we just kind of stumbled across the idea of ‘helping people navigate technology’ so we settled on ‘Tech Nav.’”

                Just over two months ago, Tech Nav was started by Charlie and Victory Harbin.  It’s a traveling tech support company focused on meeting tech needs without interrupting the customer’s day in the greater Knoxville area.  “We’ll meet you before you go to work and pick up your computer and have it to you before you leave that day! Or, we’ll come to your house or business and fix your tech issues without you ever knowing we were there.”  Harbin also explained that one of his favorite parts of his new business, Tech Nav, is getting to teach classes—empowering people to get the most out of their technology in one-hour classes.

                Harbin says that the Knoxville community offers a very diverse group of people to work with.  Although there is a vibrant community here full of people who are experts at computers, there are also people who are buying their first computer this year or who are just now getting their first smartphone.  Tech Nav strives to meet the needs of these people and all those in between—“specializing in fixing, teaching and supporting most devices.”

Learn more at www.technav.org.

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